Welcome to the latest instalment of Hope For Justice. We call this part “Hope For Justice: In Action” because it lays the foundational ideas for actions you can take to help move your personal “hope that there really is justice” into action steps. Interestingly it is the opposite of “inaction”…that which got us to where we are today.

We cover some of the key points from the Hope For Justice material and lay the foundation for action steps you can take to reclaim justice for yourself. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it is a solo journey. You must do the work, gain knowledge and take action YOURSELF. This is not something anyone can give you. You must live it and claim it. Many may say that is a good thing. Either way, it’s up to you.

The claim and exercise of a right cannot be converted into a crime. there can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of an exercise of his constitutional rights. No state shall covert a liberty into a privilege, license it and charge a fee therefore. The citizen can ignore the license and the fee and engage in the with impunity,

Stand Up.

Be the Change you want to see in the world.

Know justice to know peace

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[password-protect password=”voluntary2″]We also pose the idea for grassroots, self forming, self regulating “Action Teams” to work in small, focused project work groups to research and compile the information and processes to help yourself and others take the steps to gain your freedom back.

The example of British Columbians being educated and motivated to successfully withdraw the “presumed consent” for the implementation of the HST in B.C. . We can do that very same thing on many other important issues, like the GST, the Bank of Canada borrowing money at interest in creating it interest free, user fees….pick your issue form an action group and take it on. Everything the “politicians” implement can be stopped before they pass into law or withdrawn when enough people STAND TOGETHER AND SAY NO (withdraw consent).

If you wish to participate (or gain access to the recorded group coaching sessions offered at the end of the video) send an email to info (at) private-person.com with SUBJECT “H4J Can I Play Too?” to receive info about the gaining access to the action oriented training sessions.

Hope For Justice: In Action – Webinar Jan.20, 2012 – 1 hour 44 min


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Gov. General Speech to Canadian Bar Association Aug. 2011

GovGen-speech-cdn-bar-assoc-News Article

When I was asked to serve as governor general of Canada, I had much to learn. Despite my background as a student and professor of law, I had to relearn our constitution and its conventions, as well as its legal principles. … And in so doing, I have developed an even more profound admiration for how precious the rule of law is in our country, and how thin and vulnerable its veneer can be.

Spanish Requirement of 1513 – “legal notice presumption”

A member of the conquistador’s force would read El Requerimiento in Castilian before a group of Indians on the shore, who, with or without translation, remained uncomprehending. All the region’s inhabitants were thus considered to have been advised of Spain’s religious and legal rights to conquest and forewarned of the consequences of resisting. The true nature of the Spanish Requirement, however, was one of absolution; the symbolic act of reading the document relieved the crown and its agents from legal and moral responsibility for the conquest, enslavement and killing of Native Americans. Readings were often dispensed with prior to planned attacks.


While the conquistadors were encouraged to use an interpreter to read the Requerimiento, this was not absolutely necessary, and in many cases, it was read out to an uncomprehending populace. In some instances it was read: to barren beaches and empty villages long after the indigenous people and communities had left; to prisoners after they were captured; and even from the decks of ships once they had just spotted the coast. Nevertheless, for the conquistadors it provided a religious justification and rationalization for attacking and conquering the native population. Because of its potential to support the enrichment of the Spanish royal coffers


Bijural Terminology Google Search Results


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  1. admin

    common law is the basis of most/all common wealth British law based jurisdictions – so principles should apply equally in all common law jurisdictions (even Washington state) .

    yes that’s a groovy phrase – except common law was not created by man but it is a principle based system/understanding expressing the Creator’s natural laws – common law then is really man’s version of God’s law that men agree to play by to live together peacefully as men (yes women too) – so it’s a form of man’s law where the private man is known as a private person and the private person is superior in status to all government and corporate offices/officers etc. as long as he obeys common law principles himself.

  2. brad

    Hello. I am in washington state and am wondering if these concepts are relevent here. I am aware of common law but wonder if I should find something stateside. And I would like your opinion on my groovy phrase. “I stand under my ceator as a common law man”.
    This is the info I have been looking for.

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