Below is a short video to introduce a few ideas about the power of symbols but there is so much to say that this is just a brief intro to a number of ideas about various symbols that greatly impact our lives.

Flags, coat of arms, numbers, words, your true name, what is your signature and more.

I look for connections in ideas to explain principles that are in play. Often when you see something it seems innocent, but in context of other things it can take on a whole new meaning, especially if what you are seeing was created with a specific intent, purpose, message that you may not have been aware of before.

Each area covered in the video is a large area of study on its own. This is not an attempt to tell the whole story but only introduce concepts worthy of further research and come to your own conclusions.

Keep in mind that symbols have power to those who understand their secret, or not so secret meaning. It matters not what you think a symbol means, or you dismiss its meaning, if the “powers that be” make their decisions and take their actions on that very meaning you “don’t get”.

In a foreign land it is good to know the language. We live every day in a world steeped in law that is foreign to us and we pay a hefty price for not understanding.

Think before you sign your name to anything….you confirm your understanding, agreement and liability every time you do whether or not you read, understood or agree with the symbols on the page that represent ideas largely hidden from you.

Think before you dismiss all the symbols all around you that advertise to those in the know. You may be missing a lot… (links below video)


House of Windsor Family Tree

Prince Charles and Queen Signature

Canadian Heritage – Royal Titles

Proclamation Announcing the Appointment of the Governor General

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