Do you really believe YOUR government tells the truth? Do you think it should?

How many times have you heard the “official opposition” hammering on the sitting government for lying and ultimately proving it over time….but it happens again and again.

We each as individuals may wish to consider the question ” Will I stay silent and uninvolved about the latest government lie?”

If we are really honest with ourselves, there really is no question that lawyers, politicians and police have lost almost all credibility in the public eye, yet they still keep on  churning and burning through scandal after scandal, relatively or completely scott free.

What can I do you say? Speak out and demand integrity and accountability from those who we entrust to look after the public duties for the protection and benefit of the public. Or even justwithdraw your consent.

Here’s a recent video (18 months ago) of Congressmen Ron Paul speaking out about the US past and present many proven BIG lies that are responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of people and destruction of property and waste of great in the trillions of dollars exposed of the years and most recently by the recent Wikileaks witch hunt for the head of the man “responsible” for exposing the latest greatest criminal frauds perpetrated by the US government.

It is a sobering reality check when you listen carefully and wonder if anyone really cares to put a stop to the corruption. You can withdraw your consent to begin with. It costs nothing and has little risk and if a large enough number withdrew their consent the corruption would come to a grinding stop.

Ron Paul on Julian Assange and USA History of Lies

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