It’s no surprise that the game is rigged. What is surprising to many is how extreme the situation is.

Governments are THE MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS OF CORPORATIONS so when it comes time to pass laws, or enforce them, what are the chances that the government action, or inaction, will benefit the corporation so that more profits flow to the major shareholder…”your” government.

That’s right. The government you used think is working to protect you has transformed into a partner and owner of corporations for the enrichment of… government employees and ????

You have known for some time that “government” was not doing the job you thought they should now you know why. Check out his video for more.

Think about it. Government receives corporate profits and therefore receives bigger profits if government helps corporations make more money, no matter the consequences.

Can you say dirty pool or is it just good business? It appears that government has become a profit seeking business at the expense of the people. The same people who still believe the government is there to serve and protect them now discover that the government is helping corporations rape, pillage, plunder, overcharge, under deliver and break the law with impunity so the corporation is more profitable and the government gets a bigger cut, which it then hides off book.

Check out this short video for more detail:

Government Will Not Save You from Corporations

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