Join jd and Robert Marques as Robert gives an overview/intro to the principles of how to stop debt collectors and even how to get paid for holding the debt collectors accountable when they operate in ways that break the law.

Robert discusses the principles of how to invalidate the debt and STOP debt collectors cold despite the tactics they employ.

Use the law to protect yourself from debt collectors who ignore the laws that bind their actions.

Look under the Research Tab at in the menu for your jurisdiction.

See a tab under your jurisdiction for Debt Collection?

NO? Then feel free to provide links and we’ll post them for you

Canada Debt Collection Info

(click to visit Canada info full page)

CBC Article
Nova Scotia
– Collection Agencies Act CHAPTER 77 –
ONE source of basic info Canadian Debt Collectors Info they have a page that might be useful:



USA Debt Collection Title 15 USC Nexis Lexis

Shared entire folder with where I have printed in PDF format Title 15 USC under Debt Collection practices with annotated remarks, even unpublished decisions if you’re interested. It is current as it was just done in October 2014:

15 USC 1692c Communication in connection with debt collection
15 USC 1692d Harassment or abuse
15 USC 1692e False or misleading representations
15 USC 1692f Unfair practices
15 USC 1692g Validation of debts
15 USC 1692i Legal actions by debt collectors
15 USC 1692j Furnishing certain deceptive forms
15 USC 1692k Civil liability
15 USC 1692l Administrative enforcement
15 USC 1692n Relation to State Laws
15 USC 1692o Exemption for State Regulation.

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  1. Asulu

    I am new to your site but I find extraordinary crazy good. I am so exited about what you all are doing and been a freedom fighter for sometimes now. It worked some of the time but I must stand in the common law, is my God giving unalienable right as a woman.
    Thank you for all of you who are passionate in fighting for our freedom. We will not have it any other way.

  2. admin

    The “Registration of a Live Birth” is the long form document completed by the parents when a baby is born – it does have slightly different names in different jurisdictions – but it is the form completed by the parents.

    The “Birth Certificate” is usually the wallet sized card that is an extract of information form the long form completed by the parents.

    Many people mix and match the terms incorrectly – so important to be clear – long form or extract card are two clear distinctions whatever the document name might be.

    The baby name being in all upper case on the long form, hand completed by the parent, is irrelevant in my opinion. Any document created from that hand completed original WILL be in ALL CAPS more than likely.

  3. Steve

    Hey can someone tell me, what the difference is in the birth Certificate and the Registration of a Live Birth Record, I just received my Registration of Live Birthday and my Name is in Block Letter all in upper case, I was told that wasn’t the case!

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