common_lawThe main focus of this website has been to investigate and share info on ‘common law’ and ‘private person’ status in common law. I was recently introduced to another fellow sharing his research and actual in court application stories about common law.

Many folks teach theories they have never applied, that’s my first test to see how credible the theory is. Karl Lentz speaks of his many applications and court experience with common law.

My personal journey REALLY hit high gear when I took someone else’s research and applied it BEFORE I fully understood the legal basis or the potential consequences. I suggest people study, understand and get the full story BEFORE they commit to actions that may lead to extended legal hassles and more.

Some theories are great and they do work….sorta…then “they” change tactic and ignore it next time waiting to see if you know what to do next. No next step? You lose.

I cover the “next step” in the course 3- H4J: Your Complaint IS Their Restraint – learn how to make your claim properly to hold them to account and get remedy but it was missing a final piece…

When I came across a video of Karl Lentz in the UK speaking about his research, understanding and application of the common law and making common law claims I liked what I heard and it fit very well with what I had been researching, sharing here and seeing in my court processes first hand.

I’ll be presenting my understanding of what Karl’s process is in an upcoming webinar because it largely is what I have covered here on the website. Karl has provided what appears to be a final piece of laying common law claims….which in test mode now, here . 😉

The three full Hope For Justice courses here on cover what I see as the three key steps needed to claim and protect our rights:

  • 1- H4J: Do Common LawCourts Exist? – develop your belief and understanding that common law exists and operates in our courts

  • 2- H4J: In Action – learn how to properly communicate to the court and gov’t agencies respectfully, conditional acceptance and staying in honour

  • 3- H4J: Your Complaint IS Their Restraint – learn how to make your lawful claim (and administrative complaint) properly to hold them to account, get remedy and get them to leave you alone as you live honourably in the private.

I searched out Karl’s other material and have in the last month watched, listened to and read over 70 hours of his stuff…..and I’ve integrated aspects into my work and court process. Local “testing” has begun.

Stay tuned for results of our testing in multiple cases and multiple jurisdictions in Canada.

For me, the biggest insights came around how to file a claim against “them” – the third and final step in the Hope For Justice courses on this site.

We  ABSOLUTELY NEED to file lawful claims and administrative complaints when our rights are violated EVERY TIME.

I’ll be doing a webinar in the near future going over Karl’s process trying to provide some structure and outline to the concepts. *WARNING simple concepts ahead – deprogramming will be your biggest challenge.

If you have not watched Hope For Justice: Do Common Law Courts Exist? course, I suggest you do so (watch it again if it has been a while). It will be MIND EXPANDING combining it with Karl’s material. (you need to be a free member AND enrol for the course to view it).

NOTE: Karl has a ‘unique’ style that ranges from philosophical, to kick ass, to in your face… you’ll see what I mean as you get into more videos and audios.  😉

Here’s the first video I saw and a few other links for you to begin your research:

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LINKS –  Karl’s US homesite (warning cat herding videos autoplay) – UK site for Karl

TalkShoe – Call – Uncommonlaw by Karl – random conversation mixed with teaching

Clips of Karl speaking about different ideas by topic/subject – great resource

Karl Teaching

Karl Lentz at Truthjuice Birmingham 10th December 2013

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  1. Damian Graves

    As far as “celebrities” go in this field Karl is aces in my opinion. Very knowledgeable and one of the few people who I “trust” knows what he is talking about and can handle himself with no problem in the legal arena.

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