Do you want “proof” that common law is alive and well in Canada?

Do you want to see how ‘person’, ‘private person” and ‘natural person’ are different and how they are used differently and the ‘private person’ is your powerful status in common law where your rights lay waiting for you to claim?

Click here to view a short video covering more key info and examples of ‘private person’ and  ‘common law’.

For more detail and information:

Check out out Intro to video and “The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ webinar

Links from the video:

Bijuralism and Harmonization

BIJURALISM IN CANADA- Department of Justice, Lunch and Learn Workshop
on Bijuralism and the Judicial Function- The Honourable Mr. Justice Michel Bastarache, Supreme Court of Canada – Ottawa, Ontario – February 4, 2000

Bijural Terminology Records


Bijural Terminology Records Research Index

Bijural Terminology Records- Common Law  – person  | Civil Law  – person

Bijural Terminology Records- Common Law  – natural person  | Civil Law  – natural person



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    thanks for the feedback it is appreciated
    i agree with your other comments for sure and wish you the best with your journey!

  2. ICanCclearly

    I understand the brilliant conception and execution of the nuances of willful legal manipulation of common sense . I have great respect for that level of intelligence to perpetrate such fraud! JP, you are one of the best teachers online! Legalise is not Lawful, common law is, but, because It is prerequisite that one must know their rights, because “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any rights,” or even know (the 5 W’s + H) who, what, when, where, why, how, or if any of those rights have been violated. If you do know them and they exist under common law, use them and the legal world falls down. With admiration and great respect, I look forward to your feedback, Thank you!

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