One big tip for keeping your life private is to leave no paper trail. These days it’s an electronic trail that is most threatening to your privacy.

How would you like the convenience of a credit card with NO connection to your name, address or other personal info? Well you can.

Welcome to the world of pre-paid. Yes, pre-paid credit cards (no credit needed so far less info and in some cases NO info at all).

Great for secure, private, online purchases and not exposing your regular credit card info.

Watch this short video for the scoop. Remember the less data attached to your name, address, SIN etc. the better!

Check out this site for more detailed comparison of pre-paid cards with links to the various available cards:

To apply for a Citizens Bank Reloadable Visa card:

To apply for a Vancity enviro Reloadable Visa card:

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  1. admin

    sure but they are disposable and can be used for whatever span of time you like

  2. Damian Graves

    They still collect your data with pre-paid cards

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