Even Jesus Got Violent on the Money Changers. That's a Clue!

Many people believe that the banking system is the main problem of ancient and modern societies. I tend to agree they are a major player at least or a powerful tool of the power elite to control, dominate and destroy the rights of people everywhere.

This is a powerful and well researched video on the power and history that money and banking systems have over societies and individuals.

There’s an old saying “those who don’t study history are bound to repeat it” which is very applicable to money systems. Cycles repeat because the populace forgets history and bankers study and repeat proven concepts from centuries past.

Study, learn, understand and be empowered to know what you can do to maintain your private and property rights which will be extinguished AGAIN.

We, in British Columbia even have local example of the right way to fund government interest free. In the 1950’s Premier W.A.C. Bennett used the Social Credit money system to self fund the development of B.C. infrastructure…yes interest free. B.C.’s prosperity was established and lasted for decades.

If you care about the future you need to know this information:

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