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I’ve been studying, researching, applying and testing for over 15 years now (yes, I’m slow). One of the things I’ve tried to do in that time is to tie the pieces together so I could understand what is REALLY going on.

JD – Incredible!  Thank you for this spectacular video. With appreciation. – PM

It’s time for clarity, conclusions and direction…

Which is tough to do when the game has been hidden, over complicated and is guarded by people with guns, tasers and jails.

I’ve been mulling over a “theory of everything” because I’ve studied most theories that have come out over the last 15 years….common law, admiralty,  freeman-on-the-land, A4V, truth language, detax, natural person, UCC and more.

WOW! After hearing the webinar for the first time, I am amazed at your unique ability to clear away the fog in such a succinct and clear fashion. Your presentation demonstrates the depth of your research and your understanding and mastery  of the subject material. All that and you have material that is literally unfolding as we speak – absolutely BRILLIANT!
I am going over it again today.
Thank you! Thank you!  – CL

The question is: sometimes each appears to work but often not, why does one work when it works and why when it doesn’t?

Can each be right at times and wrong at other times?

I am inviting you to attend a live webinar where I will walk through what I believe are the four paths to freedom and why each works and when each won’t.

For years I’ve studied, watched, implemented, succeeded and failed and it’s time for a recap and lessons learned overview for my benefit and hopefully yours. It’s free to come and listen and I hope you have input after I’ve finished. I hope you’ll gain some insights from my studies, experiences and conclusions.

This is for members only (it’s free to become a member and you get access to some cool training).

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