Alice In Wonderland is on the Judicial Educational Reading List at Yale…Are They Telling Us Something??

I regret to report that Dave Lindsay is presently in jail and will be for the next number of weeks.

Dave is one of the old time, battle scarred warriors who has spent much time in court and helping others prepare for court (including me), even being their agent. There is trail of case law laid down by the courts in dealing with Dave, not all of it good or helpful as we all struggle to understand this mal-formed system that passes for justice in B.C. and Canada.

Dave’s a good guy who has fought long and hard, and although I differ on some issues of interpretation and application with Dave, I respect his tenacity and firm, focussed pursuit of truth and justice.

While you are at home this Christmas with your family Dave, and far too many others, are behind bars having stood up and asked the hard questions to “those who claim authority over all” with only fictional, farcical “Acts” based on fantasmagorical legal presumptions.

All these folks have done is try to exercise their rights of private property in one way or another BUT because they don’t know the secret handshake, magical password or the right power brokers they pay with their freedom.

It truly is Alice In Wonderland except in this case it has bars and guards for those trapped in their game.

It can be tough not to get discouraged when reading about the latest “casualty” but freedom and liberty has a LONG history of being sought after, fought for, OVER AND OVER again.

Ghandi went to jail many times, Nelson Mandela for 28 years, Martin Luther King, JFK and many others were assassinated for “freedom ideas”, but the idea of freedom lives on. Whistleblowers have been harassed in spite of laws to protect them. It seems truth and equality under the law is a scary thing for many people.

If you can spare a kind act or a prayer for David or anyone else you know is in jail, consider doing so. If you think it feels lonely out here….

If you wish to leave a comment of support here, below, even if he can’t read it now, it helps and will help.

Here is Dave’s recent email sharing the latest events. As I get any updates they will be added to this post:

Hi to everyone, to begin please do not respond to this email as I am currently and unlawfully being held in custody at the Kamloops Correctional centre.  

On Thursday, Nov 29 I appeared for sentencing on the second charge, this time of failing to comply with court order to file income tax returns. The judge, Judge DeWalle as expected ignored all my sentencing submissions. It was clear from the beginning when I showed up at court and there were 3 sheriffs in the court room with black gloves on that the judge had already made up his mind before even hearing me that he was going to send me to jail and he had already ordered the sheriffs that this was to happen.  Thus, my sentencing submissions meant nothing from the beginning as the issue was already decided before I entered the court.  

I had insisted that there should be no jail, the crown suggested 60 days. I provided the judge with over 50 cases showing that on first offence the maximum penalty given was $1000 fine. However, in the first trial the provincial court tried to sentence me for 5 months, the appeal court shortened this to 30 days, even though at that time I had also provided the court with over 40 cases showing that jail is not an option on the first offence therefore because the court made that error the first time this court should not increase it but should keep it as a fine or 15 days or less.  

I also provided him with 9 pieces where people had been charged the second time with failing to comply with a court order to file income tax returns , one person got 21 days in jail on 23 counts, all the rest were fines only.  I told the judge that my case was no different than these.  He disagreed relying on what the appeal court said in the first case, claiming with no evidence to support it that I was leader of either the Freedom movement or tax honesty movement. 

As a result Judge DeWalle imposed a harsher penalty specifically due to my political beliefs, and my Christian religious beliefs which outlines in great detail at the sentencing hearing that formed the basis of my inability to file income taxes.  I also instructed the judge to the fundamental and constitutional principles to our law as admitted to by the most respected English judges in history including Blackstone, Coke, Broom, and Halsbury who all admitted that our constitution allows me and everyone else to refuse to comply with statutes that violate the principles of Christian law set out in the Bible.   

I had attempted to apply to the Supreme court of BC, for release pending appeal however, the court refused to accept my application because an order exists from 6 years ago given in my absence, declaring that I was vexatious and that I was required to get leave ‘permission’ from the court before they would accept my application.  Despite the fact that I have never had any action instituted by me declared to be vexatious at any time and despite the fact that the court of appeal upheld in my position that this order does not apply in criminal or penal matters, the supreme court still refuses to accept my application of release pending appeal.   

Also, this ignores the well known principle that the provincial legislation  permits this type of order to be issued, cannot override federal statutes including the Criminal code, which directly states that I am entitled by law to a right of appeal and to apply for release pending appeal, also as of right.  

Consequently, I have no remedy to get released, as the court refuses to uphold my rights.  I am now going to spend the next 60 days less 1/3 rd time, in jail and will not get out until first week in January. I appreciate all the support from everyone across Canada and wish everyone to know that the judges in BC have decided that they will not rule on the issue of whether the income tax act violates the Coronation Oath Act which is part of our constitution.  

I will send out another email thru a third party friend in about a week and want everyone to know that this jail sentence has not diminished my resolve to expose the unlawful usury banking system and supporting tax structures and will continue to do so with all resolve beginning once again in the Spring upon my release. T

hank-you again for your support and please remember that I cannot respond to any emails until January.

In Freedom I remain

David-Kevin: Lindsay

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