private member’s webinar September 17, 2015

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  1. 0-3:15 INTRO context of and
  2. 3:15 – Intention behind and
  3. 3:45 – FAQs
  4. 9:56 – style of cause overview FAQ
  5. 16:16 – Equity
  6. 18:47 – How I Got Here + What is your motivation?
  7. 24:00 – Equity and Law
  8. 35:00 – Equity vs the Law
  9. 44:00 – private VPN special – privacy as a concept
  10. 48:16 – Q+A
  11. 57:50 – where to find things on
  12. 59:15 – Missouri – 7 min Googling to show Equity exists in Missouri – search your own jurisdiction for your questions.
  13. 1:04:58 – Office of Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada
  14. 1:8:30 – Oaths of office and California Page story
  15. 1:14:43 – Public Guardian and Public Trustee
  16. 1:16:30 – Q + A
  17. END – 1:55:08

Feedback by live webinar participants:

Please give your impressions/feedback about the Equity Intro webinar. Thank you.

  • I think it was very informative.  Thank you
  • Good Share! Thanks
  • enjoyable
  • Very good session and thank you!
  • I think Equity is an extremely important aspect to our rights that more need to innerstand.
  • I’ve been reading Gibsons book and talking to people all over the world who are sure this is where our remedy is to be found.  
  • Being was knowledgeable of the subject I was able to follow along some what.
  • Looking forward to a link so I can view/HEAR this Webinar at a latter date
  • Excellent info as always. Thanks for all your efforts and sharing of your finds. It’s much appreciated!
  • Very good
  • excellent
  • The information was fantastic and the user interface was great
  • Definitely eye opening.  This is yet another important piece of the puzzle.
  • Excellent information!  Looking forward to diving into the Gibson book.  Thanks jd.
  • Fabulous, Thank-you very much, The research never ends … I’ll be in touch shortly
  • Mostly good except few breakups in Audio…
  • Thank you jd for the well presented webinar
  • always the best presentations by jd
  • Lost sound, the slides were not always showing, otherwise good
  • Great info!  Thanks!
  • amazing….have only been on pp and wrongdoer for 7 or so days and have really been grinding and this dovetails beautifully. Thank you!
  • good stuff very informative and straight to the point, equity rule.
  • Very informative-love the fact that he spoke on things that inspire more homework!!!  
  • great job! Well done.
  • Wonderful !  Thanks and you are on the right path!  Health & Love
  • Interesting thanks
  • Outstanding.   Just what I’ve been looking for.
  • Thanks~!  Well presented.  I’m glad to have connected.
  • like usual, very well presented and filled with lots of valuable information to give people real tools for getting ahead in the game.
  • Was disconnected due to ISP failure 🙁 Info was great while I was there! Hope to catch the whole show!” WHAT’S NEXT?
  • I thought he was terrific – a few connectivity problems but all in all, excellent presentation and knowledge of equity. Also addressing the issues was good

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  1. David

    I’ve listened to Christian Walters on talkshoe a while ago and learned quite a bit, but it became *very* complex very quickly and so I “dropped” out. You can find his talkshoe episodes 1 -> 286 here:

  2. admin

    Thanks for the link Bob. Always helpful when readers provide links. I reviewed the case when it first was sent out and it did not seem to live up to the title…as it is still in process. Many people read into things that are not recognized – it is an interesting situation to watch and see how it proceeds.

  3. bob rob

    I’m new here today so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place. I thought perhaps “Recent Cases” but found no access. I suppose that is for admin posting.

    The follow links to a case I have been following for some time now. It is quite significant not only that it puts the IRS in the gray light they should be but also upsets the entire apple cart with regard to jurisdiction. There are links within that make the entire filings available

  4. admin

    interesting book – I’m sure you can find it in a law library
    I have not seen it or know of anyone with it
    thanks for passing the link on

  5. admin

    Good to hear you’ve been flying – tell me more. Yes, Equity is where the natural person and private person is FULLY recognized.

  6. paul

    Tyler – I’m over in the UK and just wanted to tell you how pleased I am to hear that you have picked up on Equity….

    Jean Keating (Ceating) turned me onto Equity and Christian Walters a few years ago…and Ive been flying since

    note: Equity recognises the ‘natural person’ – whereas their private law (merchant) is all ‘form’ (their forms…) not the substance (equity!)

    will try and join the webinars…


  7. admin

    It’s posted on the Blog now. you need to be a Free Member and logged in to view

  8. Ken

    I got to attend the webinar on equity last night, but my ISP had some problems and I lost connection to the internet part way through the webinar.
    I’m looking for the recording – is it available?

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