It’s INCOME TAX time again! Yipee.

Did you know that:

“The average Canadian family spent more than 41 per cent of its annual income on taxes in 2010, more than it paid for food, clothing, and shelter combined”

Every “employee”  gets to discover whether their “business” of being “employed” paid their “fair share” of taxes last year. If not, well then, pay up some more, NOW.

There is no end in sight to more taxes. Are you ready for more?

“The average Canadian family has seen its total tax bill increase by an astounding 1,686 per cent over the past 49 years. As a result, taxes have become the most significant item in family budgets.”

If you “contributed” too much you get your interest-free-loan-to-the-government returned back to you. Winner!

And all you “self-employed” folks get to “volunteer” your “natural right” to earn a living [pay]into the “commercial” realm of being in a federally regulated business and therefore subject to federal income tax. YAY.

Huh? What? How? Why?

Because you’ve been kept ignorant, misled, lied to and you don’t know the most basic fundamentals of law or any of the basic natural rights that you are giving up, for the “privilege” of paying “your fair share” (which is not yours to pay).


If you agreed to play a game with the government, for money… but they never told you the real rules, what is the chance you could ever win?

Would they end up with as much of your money as they wanted? You bet.

Have you ever been taught your rights in law?

Have you ever understood any of the obligations you bound yourself to when applying for ANYTHING to the government?

Do you understand the limit of the government intrusion into your private life and your right to earn a living or own, buy or sell property?

How would you ever know when you are being misled, lied to or ripped of…other than a gut feeling that something just isn’t right?

Learn the rules of the common law, your rights and responsibilities, that are created to protect you from theives and corrupt governments.

The biggest reason for “the rule of law” is to keep governments from lying, cheating, stealing and abusing citizens. How’s that working?

It’s failing because it is the duty of the citizens to keep the government honest and accountable to the laws.

Learning your rights is learning the law and make sure you claim your rights at every chance. Be prepared to defend your rights because the people trained to cheat you out of your hard earned money do not know your rights and are led to believe you don’t have any.

Welcome to the “real world”. Sucks, eh?

Maybe you want to learn more? Become a free member of and start learning your rights and the rules of the game.

Oh ya, taxes are going up and up…ya wanna continue to volunteer??? Good for you, whatever you choose.

“Unless governments get spending under control and find a way to reduce their deficits, Canadian families face the spectre of increased taxation,” Lammam said.”

If you volunteered…pay your taxes, “they” don’t like it if you don’t and neither will your hypnotized friends when they hear that their taxes will go up because you didn’t pay your fair share. Really, think about that. Forget about the Income Tax Act and ponder that whole idea. Does it really make any sense, or is it just a story to keep “the people” keeping each other in line?[/pay]

Enjoy tax time where freedom takes a holiday and wealth redistribution by bureaucrats and politicians is honoured because they know better than you where that money needs to go (after they take their salary, expense accounts, perks and freebies and pay off their corporate friends).

Robin Hood had a neat idea, although not new then either. But if you can stop the corrupt government agencies from stealing from you in the first place theres no need to go and try to take it back.

Unfortunately these days, as always, defending your rights is treated as a criminal act, be prepared.

My, how times have not changed!


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