17 Years Running a Business and NOT Collecting PST/GST/HST – Even after Going Toe-to-Toe With Government and Courts (No Filing Income Tax Either)

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Jean-Serge Brisson – Featured in over 25 articles in the Ottawa Citizen and numerous talk radio shows in Canada.  http://jeansergebrisson.net/

Freedom activist, Jean-Serge Brisson shares his secrets for the first time ever,and discusses how he has successfully refused to collect PST and GST!

  •  Do you know about the slavery principle?
  • And why the CRA and Crown are so scared of it?
  • Do you know you don’t have to collect sales taxes for free?

“Tea Party of One” – discussions on groundbreaking legal success to refuse collecting PST/GST involving principles Serge relied upon that have been a fundamental part of our law for centuries!!!

This information is a major support for all Small Business owners who choose to no longer be unpaid (or “slave wage” paid) tax collectors for Government! Hear about his 17 years of ongoing SUCCESS!!

All live meetings took place in 2014 – enjoy the webinar!

SPONSORED BY – C.L.E.A.R. and WeAreChangeVictoria.org

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