Education, the Key To Mind Control

Education these days is done in many ways other than schools also include TV, video games, news, the “street” culture and more. Anywhere children or adults are exposed to ideas and information which impacts their understandings and beliefs.

Compulsory public school is probably the biggest, followed by tv. The Nazis planned and executed a masterful programming system to control the hearts and minds of the children for feeding their third Reich as has every government sought to create the controllable future generations for the exploitation by the ruling classes. That is not a political statement or a belief, but established historical fact.

First, here is a quick clip from a 1980’s tv st com, Barney Miller, where the tactic of exposing the truth in a way that causes the person speaking it and the idea itself to be ridiculed. Shame, humiliation, ridicule and banishment  from the family/group are the easiest, cheapest and most effective mind control technique used by the those who do not want you to understand or investigate serious matters. It is the first and most often only tactic needed to stop the majority of people BEFORE they even ask because they have witnessed what happens when you do seek answers and question the status quo.

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Good article here exploring the concept to truth tellers being mocked and laughed at.


John Gatto is a well know, highly respected teacher who left teaching to expose what the teaching process as mandated by the state does to young minds, it’s not good. Well worth finding out what this man has to say and offers to people who care about the quality of education and the process of education anyone effectively to the highest benefit of the individual.

“What is an Education?” – ELITE CURRICULUM – John Taylor Gatto

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1) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Intro + Hour 1 of 5)

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  1. Damian Graves

    I posted these another page but they are also relevant here so I will post them again for everyone.

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    I also have links to videos that are in my archive in the articles for people to do follow up research if they want.

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