What are ALL the subtle differences you can see between the above documents?

It’s long been known that the “Certificate of Birth” created when a live birth is registered with the State is a record of a financial bond created valued by the future taxation value of the person in society.


It’s also acknowledged that they are traded on international money markets as way to raise funds for governments to fund their activities.

The key point is that governments produce nothing and have no assets. The only thing they can pledge to back up a loan is the future tax revenues that they will collect from citizens.

It is one big, hidden, accounting game being played and you are the pawn and your parents pledged you into the game by registering your birth with the State. Does your’s have the words “For Treasury Use Only” with a series of numbers all in red on the back, like mine? What use would the Treasury have for my “Certificate of Birth”?

Here’s a very good video giving the philosophical and historical perspective on how and why this system has developed. Many people wonder how all this could be true. History really lays out a path of how we got here.

Remember what the military calls the civilians that are killed in war? Collateral damage.

Videos deleted by Youtube 🙁

This next video further expands on the how-we-got- here…

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