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  1. admin

    My point was more about the idea of ANYONE cheering on the harm and demise of others for whatever reason.
    People allowing themselves to be turned against anyone and celebrating it…not cool.
    Thanks for your feedback
    – I’m at the point of “who knows what happened in history REALLY, there is so much lies, propaganda, denial, re-writing etc”.
    – I’m also a bit “old fashioned” – can’t we just get a long and drop the hate and meanness? LOL
    – Much of humanity is just is not ready (mature enough, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) for such drastic measures (especially those people with a bend for running the show and being the BIG BOSS), maybe in another couple hundred years eh? 🙂

  2. Damian Graves

    Good article expect for the holohoax garbage, plot twist the Germans are the ones that were burned at the stake while everyone cheered you describe in this article for standing up against those the “forces”, the Jews are the ones behind all of this and always have been.

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