Here’s a sad tale of police and government agents executing a search warrant on the home of a naturopathic doctor.

Listen as he explains that he felt how he was treated by the police was wrong, got his lawyer telling him what to, then instead of doing it under lawyer advice he asked permission of the police officer. He obeyed the police instructions after asking permission to do what the lawyer said he could and should do out of fear and uncertainty as to what his rights really were.

Asking permission is fatal to the exercise of your rights. If you have the right, are certain of it, you do not need permission, you act on it.

Know your rights, demand them with certainty and the police will back down. If you appear uncertain, you will lose.

Here’s a link to the series of videos where Eldon Dahl recounts the events of that day:

Home Searched Under Search Warrant

More information can be found at this link:

I think knowing your rights if a search warrant comes a knocking at your door is a good thing. Stay tuned and watch for a educational primer in our members section.

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