“Dang nabitt. If only there weren’t those darn laws we could fleece ’em even more!”

That’s right tax dude there are laws in Canada you have to follow, well should follow but often don’t.

It’s often the bully mentality from agents of many organizations who will do whatever they want because they know most everyone is scared, uninformed and won’t defend against “improper actions” by said agents.

If seen it, experienced it and read about over and over. The laws are their to protect us. We need to know about those laws and then stand up to the bullies.

I like these to articles. They gently remind us we have rights, they have laws to obey that they dearly wish were not there. Every time an article like this comes out I look for the clues of freedom, truth and law hidden inside. They are there.


There are fundemental legal principles at play here.

“The general rule is that gambling, wagering and lottery winnings are usually tax free in Canada unless the Canada Revenue Agency concludes that you are “carrying on the business of gambling,” or, in other words, you are considered to be a professional gambler.”

Carrying on business has a distinct, clear, defined legal meaning in law. Make sure you don’t fit that meaning and what you win stays private.

It’s not “tax exempt”. That would mean it was in the Income Tax Act as taxable and then received an exemption.

It’s “Non-taxation of”. Which may mean it does not fall within the taxing Acts, along with many other things listed on the chart linked below.


This second article offers more subtle clues:


“As it stands, the CRA does not have the ability to compel banks to report when account holders send money out of the country “but we should have that information that Mr. X or Madam Z did that,” Blackburn said. “We need that information but we don’t have it. We need changes in the law.”

Can you say attitude? There is a reason that CRA doesn’t have that power. It’s called privacy rights. Don’t you think they’d have had it long ago if they could have? Darn right.

Have you heard of (or experienced) going to deposit a thousand dollars or more in cash into your own bank account and have the teller ask you where you got it? Many people have had that experince. The banks are training their staff under the “know your customer” fear mongering, “justified” under the “Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering Act” to probe your private life.

What say you? Just say no.

“Everyone may be a terrorist or financing terrorists so we can do anything we feel we need to.” seems to be the justification.

Ever heard innocent til proven guilty? How about “just cause”? Apparently the fact you have a thousand dollars cash to deposit is suspicious and just cause for them to probe you!

Besides, they chime in, “if you have nothing to hide it’s OK to tell us everything”… hmmmm seems to me the reason we have privacy laws to is to protect citizens from corrupt use of our private information from the very people who threaten, cajole and guilt us into handing our private info over (governments and corporations).

“You can trust us” they never say, but only imply. Trust they are not willing to impart to you.

You can say no if you choose. If not then it is voluntary disclosure of your private info. Anyone has the right to ask you you and you have the right to say NO.

If you feel the request is improper then file a complaint. Enough complaints and they will get a new rule preventing them from asking.

Know + Claim + Defend = Your Rights Intact

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