The above video is a brief overview of some of the key concepts of our legal systems, as I see them.

As new information and new experiences come to light there may be slight modifications but I believe this is reasonable interpretation of what is going on.

Understanding the game and knowing how to play is mandatory if you want any chance of success in any game and this “legal game” involves your LIFE!

Do you think you might want learn how to play? Maybe even… learn how to play to win!

Below our some posts on this website that introduce more ideas and strategies that will help your understanding first. Begin here, then we can talk about playing to win.

To succeed in reclaiming your freedom in today’s society you MUST:

  1. KNOW your rights
  2. CLAIM your rights
  3. DEFEND your rights
Some of the key concepts are covered in an introductory way in more posts and videos:

More information is being added regularly.

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  1. admin

    you could not be more wrong… in my opinion.
    every right has a corresponding duty – it is also call a responsibility
    your right to property is joined with your duty to respect others property
    your right to peace is joined to your duty to keep the peace
    if you want the benefits and protections you have a duty to abide by those too.

  2. templar

    I would like to point out to you that there are two different capacities for the term natural person. A natural person with rights, or a natural person with duties,”what’s it going to be for you?” A natural person does not have the capacity for rights and duties as Russ always taught. A natural person has the capacity for rights or duties. Remember, we are the ones that choose, or they’ll choose for us. You see its either or, one or the other. You can bet your bottom dollar that the bankers court will put you in the category with duties, that’s a given or they won’t be underwriting any bonds in the bond market because they will have no equity relationship with the natural person that has the capacity for rights only and not duties. Don’t let the corporate courts tell us, we’ll will tell them.


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