Which are you?

There are two predominant world views, out there, in the world.

Which one are you?

There’s freedom and individual responsibility, where people are believed to be basically good.

There’s control and government regulation, where people are believed to be basically bad.

There’s the common law for the first group and roman civil law for the second.

Which one are you qualified to belong to?

There is the optimist and the pessimist. Which one are you?

How about the idea that the earth and people are here to be exploited or the other view that we must live in harmony with the earth and each other. Which group are you?

OH, OH I have one… the government can do no wrong or the government is in on the scam (everyone!)

Interesting to note there will probably be a pattern in your choices.

Here’s a fascinating video that illustrates the idea of two views and both are valid. Which one resonates with you? Make sure to watch past the half way point to understand there are two side to every story, it will surprise you.

Sometimes it’s all in how you view things. You can choose your view, you can change your view and many times, the view you have is the view you LEARNED to have, you never really chose it.

How do you view the world?

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  1. admin

    Yes, there are more than 2 world views. Just having a look at the 2 most prominent ones…

  2. Joel

    Amazing video! I do not think there is only two ways of thinking though. What about being a realist? Seeing both sides but believing in the potential of both.

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