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PDF booklet: A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment

Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee – protocol patient treatment guide…

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Your copy can be downloaded at: https://aapsonline.org/CovidPatientTreatmentGuide.pdf

An updated list of protocols in use for COVID early treatment and prevention can be found at https://c19protocols.com/

If you are looking for a physician in your area please see the following link for a list of possible options: https://c19protocols.com/physicians-facilities-offering-early-treatment/

Please also watch the companion videos:

1) Video by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, available at: https://www.truthforhealth.org/2021/06/covid-treatment/

2) Video by Dr. Peter McCullough, available at: https://rumble.com/vay2vx-dr.-mccullough-explains-treatment-protocol.html

If you would like to support ongoing and future efforts to protect patient rights, you can do so by contributing to the American Health Legal Foundation: http://americanhealthlegalfoundation.org/



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