There is some hot and heavy action in the US right now with people using legal process to claim “good title”, the highest and best title, to their property and as a result owning the property outright and they also are getting the property of the tax roles and out of the registration system.

Are you interested?

You can check out these links below. It is a fast moving process in the throes of getting tested and refined but many people are claiming success, and proving it, by posting their paperwork online.

A lot of folks are using the process to keep the banks from foreclosing as well.

Please take some time to review the materials @

Listen to the Audios, read posts, familiarize your Self with the process. Many of your questions are answered in the audios & documents.

Get Started Here:

Study Group Blog:

RobbRyder Blog:

RobbRyder page @ My Private Audio:

Much of the information seems to also be applicable to birth certificates.

Other information links:

Great TalkShoe with RobbRyder discussing Accept The Deed for 5 hrs!
My Private Audio (Angela Stark), Episode #131, recorded 10/20/2011.

Batman call with Robb Ryder, episode #70 recorded Oct. 2011 – Great Audio!

One person indicated that the source of Robb Ryder’s process can be found here:

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    Thanks for your positive feedback on this sites material. Welcome.

    I’ve turned on comments for that page. Not sure why they were off as there had been previous comments.

    H4J 2 access is by request here, use your same account login info:

    Glossa was a concept that came to be known sometime after the course was produced. I believe it is valid in a legal context but in an everyday english context is not relevant – which does not mean not relevant at common law. I’m not sure as I’ve not studied it in depth to come to a firm conclusion, and I have prescribed forms samples where ALL CAPS is prescribed for certain types of cases and Upper Lower is specified for other types of cases.

    Thanks for your comments.

  2. Damian Graves

    Hi, I want to thank you for this website it is absolutely hands down the best I have ever come across covering this kind of material and I have been to most of them. I just finished watching this video but there was no way to comment on this page oddly.

    I did the first part of the HJV and I want to sign up for the next two parts by making a donation but not sure how to do it.

    On an added note related to that video I wanted to comment about your claim the all caps doesn’t matter in the common law/private arena. Technically any time all caps is used it is a glossa as I am sure you are aware, a glossa is a symbol, trademark, glyph, call it whatever you want but it isn’t English therefore it does’t even really exist on the page as a word on any “legal” document in arena from my point of view. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I look forward to a response so I can do the other two parts of the HJV.

    Thanks Again bro,

    This is my website btw if you want to stop by. I look forward to recommending you to my readers in the near future when I write an article about all of this helping my readers sort out all the massive garbage floating around for being this kind of research with the best sources I have come across, which as I mentioned is your website hands down. Blessings

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    what is your definition of spc? (there are a few)
    always best to to be precise with language… 🙂

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    Hi I’m searching for the process of becoming a spc any opinions?

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