trusteeI was listening to a recent “Blogtalk radio” session on “freedom reigns” where Pete had mary croft on for the show.

I found this 5 minute section highly interesting which occurred in the last 20 minutes.

It refers to lawyers confirming the existence, use and abuse of the birth certificate bond and trust being the game in court as well as the hazard bonds that are supposed to be in place for police and what you might ask a police officer next time one harasses you.

Food for thought, do your own research and use with intelligence and integrity… please share this post

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SOME Lawyers Recognize the Problem With Their Profession

Maybe the scam lifestyle that many lawyers lead wears heavy on the few that have a conscience. This article is from a South Africa newspaper (the bond game is everywhere). It seems 66 percent of lawyers there would not want their kids to be lawyers, with 57 percent acknowledging that the profession was NOT a noble one as ethics was lacking. hmmm

Lawyers advise their kids against becoming lawyers

Sapa | 21 January, 2013 08:29

A survey has revealed most attorneys will not encourage their children to pursue the profession, according to a report on Monday.

The Cape Times reported that only 34 percent of 500 practitioners interviewed in the third quarter of last year would encourage their children to enter the profession.

This figure was a down from the 40 percent recorded by financial services group PPS in the second quarter of last year.

“Compared with other professions, this is one of the lowest [figures] so far,” said PPS marketing head Gerhard Joubert.

He told the newspaper that during forums last year, many lawyers had expressed serious concerns about the restructuring of their profession, through the Legal Practice Bill.

The bill determines the rates lawyers can charge their clients and gives the justice minister greater clout in governing the profession.

Law Society of SA co-chairman Jan Stemmett said the decline could be attributed to a number of factors, particularly around ethics.

Of the attorneys interviewed, 57 percent felt that high ethical standards had not been maintained and that the profession was not a noble one. [bold emphasis mine]

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  1. Damian Graves

    This was kind of interesting, I can’t say it is surprising in any way everyone should know the prison system is for profit, everything is in our corrupt societies. I already knew all about th CUSIP and BC stuff so this makes sense I suppose, they are using your estate bond as THE bond. I am with you however, in one video you said something about “why would I want to pay for bunk charges” or something like that and I agree. Why bother doing this when you can get the entire case thrown out by being in you proper capacity. There is no reason to reward their behavior by paying them off.

    One thing I don’t understand though is they said to sign the BC over to them. I don’t know about this and don’t suggest anyone do it, you may be signing over your entire trust to them by doing this. Maybe I am misunderstanding but endorsing the title of something over to someone gives them ownership of whatever that title is not just a smaller amount you think they want. Seems like signing over the title of your car to give them what is in the trunk to pay for new tires for a metaphor I think is apt. I am pretty sure they are gonna take the whole car when you sign it over to them. If I am wrong here feel free to correct me (anyone who reads this).

    That guy talking about time jumping was a bit strange, I am not sure what that was all about. I am not saying it isn’t possible but it was out of place and perpetuates the tin foil hat meme. Of course those of us deep into the occult aspects of our reality and the scams are used to it, but for the mundanes I imagine they think we are all nutters and we have our fair share of them in these communities lol.

  2. Damian Graves

    Gonna check out these talk show links and website thanks, this is my first look into bonds and the other assorted topics covered on this website.

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