The mafia took 20% of a business income to “protect” a business….from the mafia.

Your local government takes 30-50%, and more, to protect you from the tax man, the courts, the police and jail.

It was a kinder, gentler time when the mafia was in charge? Maybe not, just cheaper for the victims of the extortion.

I read not too long ago about a movement of businesses in Sicily that were saying no to the mafia extortion and being public about. After all if everyone stopped paying, the game would end. Hey….idea?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation celebrates a day in June every year as “tax freedom day” because they calculate that all taxes together take about 50% of every dollar a taxpayer earns and gives it to the government.  The insanity is that this has gone on for a long time and continues to this day. My how people are whipped. Think about that for 10 seconds….half of every day you work to pay the government…who does what exactly with the money??

Do you really think that 50% of your earnings is in good hands? Honest hands? Trustworthy hands? Responsible hands? And yet people give and give…until it hurts. Yes it is give. You signed a document giving permission for them to have your money…more than one. A signature is legal notice that you agree, understand and consent. PERIOD.

IF YOU DON’T AGREE WITH WHAT IS GOING ON STOP VOLUNTEERING (sorry for yelling!) It is all consent. It is all consent. B.C. withdrew consent fo the H.S.T. and it is soon gone. SAME DEAL FOR INCOME TAX AND EVERYTHING.

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  1. Jan

    the “government”/judges/justice’s/lawyers is/are nothing more then a bunch of “legal” criminals protecting their plundering ways,using media/propaganda to continue so, and look all legit, and patting each other on the back, to keep these so called “wanaBeFreeMen” on their leash, so the CONgame can CONtinue, without a disruption to their monopoly, the mafia would be envious.

  2. CL

    Great insights by the commentators about a judge doing the governments’ dirty work for them, as if they need any help.

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