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This site is to discuss, inform and educate on the state of living a private life in a world run by governments and corporations seeking to eliminate privacy from the average person’s life.

Our goal is to simplify, simplify, simplify. Make the complex and hard work of learning and defending your rights a simple  and fast as possible.

You should not have to be a lawyer to know your rights, claim your rights or defend your rights. We’ll do our best to make your live safer, more private and wealthier by providing to you the best and easiest education possible. Of course it’s 100% up to you to learn well, no shortcuts, and apply your education intelligently and with respect.

Your results, as with anything, will be largely dependant on how deeply you understand and how diligently you apply.

You, in all things, are 100% responsible. If you don’t agree, have a nice life and spend your time elsewhere.

There are principles of law, ethics and power at stake.

The average person does not stand a chance maintaining their privacy in the present environment and all justified by the false argument “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about”.

In today’s environment if you try to maintain your privacy more often than not you are treated as a potential criminal worthy of investigation and harassment.

Your privacy is yours to maintain or give away, your choice. But you can only choose when you understand what your rights are and when others are attempting to violate them or are “inviting you” to voluntarily give them up.

If you choose to maintain your rights there are legal principles, attitudes and proven techniques that will help you achieve your desire to keep your private life, private. We offer no advice, only information that we hope you will use with wisdom and respect.

Stay tuned and get the latest news, educational courses, interviews and strategies on leading a private life, legally, lawfully and as a simple, daily successful exercising of your right to privacy.

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