This video shows another excessive use of force against an unarmed, not dangerous person. Lucky for him other people saw the police abuse and overwhelm the police and drive them off. I don’t condone the violence by the police nor the violence against the police that you see in this video, I do like to see citizens en mass coming to the aid of a man being abused. We out number them and ANY violence including government agent violence is only allowed to continue because people don’t stand up and say STOP.

Don’t ever forget that people lined up to get on the trains to concentration camps and other citizens just stood by and watched, averted their eyes and were grateful it wasn’t them. Is that what we do today in North America when the police beat on a unarmed, non-violent person (while mumbling “he probably deserved it” to remove our guilt)?

The first video is a sharp contrast to USA where citizens routinely are video taped alone, being beaten by 3-4 police while everyone stands around and watching, afraid to intervene. We have a right and a duty to intervene to stop violence whether it is a private citizen or an agent of the state causing harm.

When “they” know people will protect each other, maybe “they” will think twice about getting violent on innocent people….maybe.


America Land of the Free Enforcing “Laws” Against Non Threatening People with Violence

Don’t Tase Me Bro’



Military Veteran Stopping Police from attacking unarmed Wall Street Protestors


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