wikileaks whistleblower

wikileaks whistleblower

The WikiLeaks fallout is more evidence of what happens to “whistle blowers” in spite of the political rhetoric and legal sham of protection for Whistleblowers against the “system”.

The big lie of government and “the powers that be” repeated is “we will be open, transparent and accountable” because that is what the law, justice and the people demand.

Like that famous saying “talk is cheap” politicians and lawyers talk a lot and sometimes say the right things and often speak in tongues (forked at times).

Every politician screams for the party in power to uphold the law while in opposition and then fails miserably to do so when its their turn to be in power. Would you generally, agree?

Money is power and so if one is so brave, naive or stupid as to “out the truth” in spite of the rhetoric and laws you can expect to be financially cut off, socially outcast and often prosecuted. Welcome to the illusion of freedom and “government accountability”.

Here is a great WikiLeaks funding commercial playing off an ad campaign that tells the story and makes a point. Very cool. Share it.

There is a principle in law that if you know about or witness a criminal act and do nothing, you are guilty as an accomplice. Many good people don’t speak out of a legitimate fear of retribution and therefore become an accomplice to many crimes, often a state of ongoing corruption.

We each make our choices about saying nothing, when we know we should speak up, and we become part of the problem, we facilitate the crime. It only takes a few criminals in power but it takes a lot of accomplices for that power and corruption to continue.

Its a tough choice. In today’s world doing the right thing is rarely easy or rewarded. Can you speak out or at least withdraw your support?

Tough choice not between right and wrong, we all know when it is wrong, but tough to deal with the consequences of speaking out. Does that mean you should not? If not you then who?

If no one then the fear, crime and abuse continue.

What do you you know that you should speak out about?

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