Don’t Let Them Divide and Conquer To Hide Their Crimes

We have had a few posts on this concept already but repetition, reminders and alternative sources are always good.

I came across two videos that cover the idea well and substantively. Please remain aware that “mainstream” media is largely controlled and directed to maintain the status quo… which really is to reduce your status to consumer and government ward.

One key method is to demonize and cast the “they might be violent” accusations at well meaning people who question the governments honesty, integrity and tactics. Recent decisions in government and media even moving to the obscene level of labelling such individuals “domestic terrorists”.

Private “citizens” have a right and duty to question, challenge and demand corrective action when governments fall afoul of the law, yet the media and government reaction is to slander, defame and seek to turn other citizens against those who dare to speak out. It is not even subtle in it’s intent.

I only hope most people will not fall for the OBVIOUS lies, manipulation and self interest of those who participate in such hate mongering used to divide and conquer so they can stay in control.

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Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

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Neil Sanders – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Media Manipulation Of Perception

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