ALL CAPS, Gloss Sign Language

The use of ALL CAPS on legal documents and used by the “SYSTEM” has been a topic of investigation for years with multiple theories as to what it is/means and what it changes it indicates in law that THEY are not disclosing.

One concept is that of capitus diminitio: minima, media and maxima from Blacks 4th law dictionary being a description of the various levels of rights attached to a person indicated by the written style of the name; John Doe, John DOE, JOHN DOE (PDF below).

Another concept is the indication of military as indicated in the Canadian Style manual (video and PDF below).

Another is the concept of “Gloss” as discussed in this fun video showing the idea of Gloss as a foreign, language, a sign language. PDF of the Chicago Manual Of Style 17th-GLOSS

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once the fraud has been detected in a document or contract, that’s the end of the document, a fact negates a presumption, rendering all government documents as void if the fraud has been detected on such documents. Every government document houses all uppercase text and proper English together on the one document,,, . Once the SIGN language has been separated from the content of the main document, most government and banking documents will make no or very little sense… Once a document has been identified as grammatically wrong, nothing can save it….

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What other messages have you seen in the movies?

Canadian Style Manual – ALL CAPS in Canadian Forces writing is used for military vessels and exercises

Capitus – Blacks Law Dictionary 4th edition scan PDF

An Example of dots used between ALL•CAPS•WORDS for proper language construction on a UK courthouse. Also, check your coins (money)…



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