Hey! Don’t drink that! BUY MY EXPENSIVE STUFF!

The call of the corporation beckoning you to their latest consumer product that you don’t really need but SHOULD want beacuse it’s “cool”, “safer”, “newer”, “bigger”, “better” or or or….

Its easy to get sucked into the sales gimmicks hitting us daily IF we are not clear on what is really important to us. Our values can determine our buying habits, not the latest sales craze…..if you are familiar with your values!

Values? Huh?

That’s right. Our internal measuring stick of what we consider important can be our best friend when we get clear.

If you value the clean environment you will not buy things harmful to the environment, right? Well sometimes.

You see, many times the stories corporations tell about their latest product aren’t really true. Sorry. Duh!

We all know this yet we still get sucked in to the sales pitch because we trust them to tell the truth, even though they didn’t the last 7 times. Sheesh!

I’ve often heard that the most expensive thing bought was ink jet ink for our computer printers. Those little cartridges add up to thousands of dollars per gallon of that darn ink! Did you know that?

How about bottled water? Yep…people whine about the cost of gasoline and yet they pay more for bottled water and there are all sorts of unintended consequences most people don’t realize, not to mention the fact that many bottled water brands are filtered tap water!

Check out this cool video showing how we are tricked to play the game that has been strategically planned to get us to “buy” into it (government propaganda is no different).

Gee whiz batman, are we easy or what?

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