ACTION: FOI Requests

Information is available for the asking.

Truth is hidden because no one asks for it.

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests are your path to finding the truth that is openly available for the asking, that when brought into the light of day and public scrutiny can create positive change. You can also correct the record that needs correcting.


Different jurisdictions

FOI is called different names but all recognize the phrase ‘freedom of information’. There is a federal level law and process and each state and province will have their own acts that lay out what, how and who to make the request. There is legal obligation to reply and provide the requested info or provide a legally valid reason in writing for denying release.

Two types of Requests

Personal – request to a government, agency or corporation that is specifically about you

General – request to a government, agency or corporation about any of their actions, activities that is not specifically related to you.

Judicial Watch in the USA has been using FOI requests to uncover huge evidence of government agency and governmental actors misdeeds. They are making a huge difference with this tool of exposure that the courts recognize and enforce.

If you are willing to take action with FOI requests for yourself, your personal information being held, and general applications join the eList below to be updated and invited to infomation, application and reporting online work groups. Only join if you sincerely intend on action by you completing FOI requests, personal and/or general, and share what you learn. (or do it on your own!)

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Find your local jurisdiction FOI laws and websites. Just Google “FOI law city/state/province/country


  • Canada Federal
  • British Columbia
    • B.C. personal FOI –
    • B.C. general FOI –
    • Vancouver –

Check out these sites about FOI:

  • GOOGLE – freedom of information request XXXXXXX
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