B.C. Legislative Assembly Hansard DROPS Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms is the authority that laws are issued under.

British Columbia JUST stopped using the lawful Coat of Arms and replaced it with a corporate logo where the crown is under/ at the bottom – a sign of a shift of power/authority and change of corporate status.

The final use of the lawful coat of arms Sixth Session, 40th Parliament

Sixth Session, 40th Parliament DOWNLOAD doc – https://www.leg.bc.ca/content/hansard/40th6th/20170316am-Hansard-v43n11.pdf

Next Session – not the coat of arms – a new logo – crown under not on top

First Session 41st Parliment – Download Doc – https://www.leg.bc.ca/documents-data/debate-transcripts/41st-parliament/2nd-session/20171130pm-Hansard-n73

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