The Church hierarchy is usually not too political, so when a bishop speaks out there must be a good reason, and when he says things like this…. should we take a little more notice. If you read his other posts you will gain interesting insights:

“The bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Quebec wrote a scathing piece about the bill and how the Stephen Harper government is minimizing the role of Parliament.

“How sad and distressing it is to see the sham, the play acting that presently characterizes the statements and actions of the supposed Government of Canada. (It does not even deserve the name of government ) I thought that I was cynical and had seen too much in my life regarding politics and public posturing, but never in the over 40 years of following parliament have I seen this depth of depravity. In the last 12 months I have seen clearly  the rise of tyrannical policies and the application of such mind and state control that the people of Canada , unless they soon react, will find themselves not only slaves to a corporate and political domination they never chose but they will experience the extinguishing of any of the hopes and dreams that they once had for a nation firmly based upon the foundations of compassion, justice and peace,

“For God’s sake, for all of our sakes, wake-up Canada.”

He’s not alone, this week, the National Post’s Matt Gurney, one who could never be accused of being a left-wing radical, said the bill was “sneaky” and “undemocratic.”

The omnibus budget bill, a 425-page bill that amends 60 different acts, repeals a half dozen others and creates three others. Opposition parties have repeatedly said that the bill is too big and includes changes that ought to be broken off and presented as separate legislation. But the Conservatives are forging ahead with it as-is.

While Canadians haven’t hit the streets en masse yet, they are showing their dislike for the bill even one month later. On June 4, 13,000 website owners across Canada, including the NDP, PSAC and even Margaret Atwood, will be darkening their websites in protest of Bill C-38 as part of the ‘Black Out Speak Out’ campaign.

How Canadian, speaking out by going quiet.

One politician caught sharing his real thoughts (posted on YouTube), later backtracking because that’s not being a team player.


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