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Jurisdiction always has boundaries. Sometimes physical and sometimes legal.

Which means you need to do something to step in or step out of a particular jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction is all about the power to make the rules and enforce the rules upon anyone within that jurisdiction and ONLY that jurisdiction unless one agrees after the fact to be subject to the jurisdiciton.

Can you see the possibility for some trickery and manipulative possibilities with this idea of jurisdiction?

Sadly that is the case and it has been going on for a very, very, very, very long time. Maybe it’s your time to step out of the jurisdictions that you no longer wish to be subject to.

  • How did you become a “driver” under the jurisdiction of the various “motor vehicle” related acts?
  • How did you become a “taxpayer” under the jurisdiction of various taxing acts?
  • How did you become a business subject to the jurisdiction of “workmans compensation” type acts?
  • How can you NOT become subject to the jurisdiction those same acts?

The question hinges on a favourite saying… is it voluntary or mandatory?

It violates every principle of law (including spiritual law) for any of the jurisdictions to be mandatory, therefore it must be voluntary. What does one DO to become subject? Did you fill out any type of “Application” thinking it was mandatory? hmmmm

I just came across an interesting article and pictures of the original jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES (which is a different legal entity from united States of America). Land was given from particular states boundaries to create the District of Columbia (DC) and sandstone markers were placed in the ground to define the new borders of the new District. Real land, title given to the DC, which means that DC had the authority through title to make laws and enforce laws ONLY within it’s territorial boundary.

So, do you think that DC has crept outside of it’s 10 mile square defined land boundary to impose laws on the States and their citizens? How might they get away with that? Interesting that they made DC square, a box, boxed in but not for long it appears.

Here’s three of the boundary markers illustrating how obvious the concept is. The stone had “JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES” carved on one side facing DC and the STATE NAME on the other opposite face:



















DC-corner marker









Corner markers where carved in this manner (notice the CAPITUS):






photo Jaime Fearer



Read more here of the history of the placing of the marker stones and see more photos. CLICK HERE

Do you think those claiming jurisdiction over you and your actions and property will give it up with out a fight?

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  1. admin

    no advice here 🙂 – just information to help you understand the game being played
    much of what is covered here is relatable to Karl
    although he shortcuts to “you have no jurisdiction over a man” (without my permission)
    which really is the key point – they trick, deceive, threaten to get the appearance of your consent
    one really needs a sense of calm and certainty to stand strong
    review the material on the training page for more

  2. amyrttie

    ive been studding alot of karl lentz… i was trespassed upon my property and robbed of the fruits of my labor repeatedly. i relise that evil doesnt disapear…. im not giving up. all though i get a bit confused cause karl spaeks fast. so if any great advice would be nice.

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