gavelMead vs Mead… a good legal read or a piece of vomitus trash?

The courts of all levels issue decisions every week. Some are sound, well written and educational, others to be polite, are far less so.

Join the webinar and be introduced to the idea that some decisions are excellent educational tools on the law, help you understand how judges think and sometimes clearly lay out the process on HOW YOU WIN IN COURT.

When you study a decision, when you know what to look for, you will be uplifted by the understanding of whether you have a useful decision, or pure propaganda. There are examples of both everywhere.

We will go in depth into a recent excellently drafted decision, and a related decision, to learn how to discern what golden nuggets you can find in any decision. Correct reading of decisions will make your court journey a far more positive journey.

Reading, Understanding and Using Court Decisions to WIN

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You will also understand how decisions can be tied together to box a judge in, where they have no choice but decide for you, in accordance with the law and your rights, not allowing them to play games and make political rulings.

Reading, Understanding and Using Court Decisions to Make Sure You WIN

This webinar will introduce the clarity you need whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff. These are key tips that will help give you the focus and confidence to walk into court with more than a wish, prayer or only a glimmer of hope.

Will will review one case in depth and two others. Whether on your own or with a lawyer you need to understand this to feel more in control and confident of a positive outcome for you.

IT IS UP TO YOU. No one can can do it for you, you must do it.

STAND up and be the change you wish to see… and prepare effectively to help bring the law clearly stated and powerfully focused to your court action.

I look forward to you joining us.

If you are facing court as a plaintiff or a defendant then you need to understand how the game is played and the strategies you can use to win

Sure the game is “fixed”, you know that by now (although until you actually personally experience it you still hold out a feeble hope otherwise).

BUT every game has rules and processes and even in a corrupt game there are certain rules they play by because they have to. Those rules become your way to WIN.

Almost everything “they” do is – without jurisdiction – without standing – not specified in the Act they quote – errors in paper work – flawed in process – infringe your rights.

Real winning focuses not on the facts or evidence because without all of the above in place and proven legitimate then there is no case. NEVER deal with the facts until the above are properly established.

Make them prove, evidence and be accountable to all the key foundations of ANY case BEFORE a single fact is addressed. What are those foundations?

jurisdiction – standing – the Act they quote – proper paper work – proper process – respect for your rights – your status

One of the best places to find support and the EXACT way to address these foundations are in judicial decisions… how judges determine the outcome of a case and describe their legal analysis. Some decisions are crap and some are golden.

Learning how to find and read court decisions to get what you need to win is your guide to winning as a defendant, plaintiff or real party in interest.

Join the webinar tonight to explore a recent case and discover how to find the golden nuggets that will support you in your quest for justice from a system that does not really want to give it to you.

Reading, Understanding and Using Court Decisions to WIN

Access the Webinar Recording CLICK HERE


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