Common Law No ID Required

Do you need to present ID when asked by police (vs peace officer)?

It depends on the context of the situation.

The following is an oversimplification but gives the principles…

Are you, at the time, a regulated person, in a regulated activity? (not common law, these are offences under an Act). Then usually yes.

If you are, at the time, not a regulated person, not in a regulated activity, then no, you do not have to provide ID… (at common law, only need to ID is when one has harmed or threatened of harm to person or property, with a witness or victim pointing you out).

The contextual questions one needs to pursue are:

  1. what is a regulated activity?
  2. is one a regulated person within that regulated activity?
  3. In addition it is good to know, how did one become the regulated person?

DOWNLOAD PDF excerpt – Police Manual-ID-search-arrest-seize


B.C. Legislative Assembly Hansard DROPS Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms is authority laws are issued under.

British Columbia JUST stopped using the lawful Coat of Arms and replaced it with a corporate logo where the crown is under/ at the bottom – a sign of a shift of power/authority and change of corporate status.

The final use of the lawful coat of arms Sixth Session, 40th Parliament

Sixth Session, 40th Parliament DOWNLOAD doc –

Next Session – not the coat of arms – a new logo – crown under not on top

First Session 41st Parliment – Download Doc –

What say you?

The Allard Prize for International Integrity

A lawyer, who has a law school named after him, the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia, Canada, also has a $100,000 prize awarded to “awarded biennially to an individual, movement or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption or protecting human rights, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and the Rule of Law”.

Profile of ICW, a finalist for the 2015 Allard Prize for International Integrity. For more information on Indonesia Corruption Watch

It’s great to see support for people risking everything by exposing wrongdoing, even more interesting is that it is from a lawyer and law school.

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Hold Officials Accountable Process: In Power Movement

Great news. The anti-smartmeter movement has evolved to a great process anyone can follow to hold the officials in corporations and government liable. It utilizes a commercial liability process that encompasses legal notice, conditional acceptance and legal default method (notarial default without the notary) and it is worth your time to check out.

The process is being broke down into simple steps and training, offered for free. Awesome. Watch their videos, listen to podcast and download their paperwork and step by step instructions. They are doing a great job of making the info and process accessible and applicable for anyone with a little effort.

Check out their In Power Movement website:

The question has always been “how do we stop these people?”. This appears to be one way.

US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

gavel+moneyIn what I would call a confirmation of the law, not a NEW ruling, the US Supreme Court One lays down the law for all to see, and USE if you choose.

One of the BIG legal fantasies promoted by governments and officials is the idea of officials’ having ‘immunity’ from prosecution and no liability… so they are not held liable for their corrupt and illegal actions.

Don’t buy the LIE.

Judges are liable, cops are liable, corporate officers are liable, ANY official is liable… when:

1. if they perform any actions while in office, not defined by their office, or

2. actions that are defined by their office but are done in BAD faith or

3. the actions taken are illegal by nature.

Any actions that they take NOT defined by their office or illegal by their nature are considered to have been done outside of their office therefore done in their private capacity and therefore they are fully liable, in their private capacity, without any protections of their office.

Unfortunately this lie of ‘immunity’ is also repeated unknowingly by people, again and again, who have a real case against government officials and therefore do not pursue very valid claims.

A recent US Supreme Court decision clarified and confirmed that the government and their agents can be held liable and accountable for wrongdoing carried out by officials in its employment while on the job. Continue reading US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable