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The Criminal Charging Procedure in CanadaCLEAR

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Part of keeping public servants and other “officers” accountable REQUIRES the unhappy/harmed man or woman speaking up when you are treated improperly via:

  1. administrative complaints for official record and internal investigation and hopefully correction,
  2. common law claims for damage and remedy to you
  3. criminal complaint for punishment and deterrent

All three steps are available and required to keep public servants and other “officers” accountable. Failure to use these legal, lawful and recognized processes invites wrongdoers to continue their wrongful actions.

We all have a duty to “keep the peace” which includes reporting and acting as a witness against wrongdoers.

We cover the first two steps here on David-Kevin: Lindsay covers the third step. I encourage everyone to understand the principles and process of laying criminal charges as well.

As reported here on this website “the system” tends to not charge, or undercharge, “system Continue reading Laying Criminal Charges Course

Dave Lindsay In Jail

Alice In Wonderland is on the Judicial Educational Reading List at Yale…Are They Telling Us Something??

I regret to report that Dave Lindsay is presently in jail and will be for the next number of weeks.

Dave is one of the old time, battle scarred warriors who has spent much time in court and helping others prepare for court (including me), even being their agent. There is trail of case law laid down by the courts in dealing with Dave, not all of it good or helpful as we all struggle to understand this mal-formed system that passes for justice in B.C. and Canada.

Dave’s a good guy who has fought long and hard, and although I differ on some issues of interpretation and application with Dave, I respect his tenacity and firm, focussed pursuit of truth and justice.

While you are at home this Christmas with your family Dave, and far too many others, are behind bars having stood up and asked the hard questions to “those who claim authority over all” with only Continue reading Dave Lindsay In Jail