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Private Travelling in Your Automobile

Many people have made the right to travel a focal point of their private life ideal.

What is the “right to travel”?

Basically, the common law recognizes that citizens can travel the “kings roads” without the requirement for a drivers license or registered vehicle.

Because almost no one understands that “driver”, “license”, “registered”, “vehicle” are civil law legally defined words related to the “commercial” “traffic” on the roads for “profit” everyone does as everyone is told and gets the drivers license and registers their private automobile, without knowing it, make a legal declaration that they are using the roads for commercial, profit making business and therefor subject to all the commercial, traffic codes, rules and regulation (and their penalties).

Oh yes all the “Motor Vehicle Acts”, rules, regs and fines apply to Continue reading Private Travelling in Your Automobile

Taxed to cold, hungry and homeless

It’s INCOME TAX time again! Yipee.

Did you know that:

“The average Canadian family spent more than 41 per cent of its annual income on taxes in 2010, more than it paid for food, clothing, and shelter combined”


Every “employee”  gets to discover whether their “business” of being “employed” paid their “fair share” of taxes last year. If not, well then, pay up some more, NOW.

There is no end in sight to more taxes. Are you ready for more?

“The average Canadian family has seen its total tax bill increase by an astounding 1,686 per cent over the past 49 years. As a result, taxes have become the most significant item in family budgets.”

If you “contributed” too much you get your interest-free-loan-to-the-government returned back to you. Winner!

And all you “self-employed” folks Continue reading Taxed to cold, hungry and homeless

You Are Just Human Collateral

What are ALL the subtle differences you can see between the above documents?

It’s long been known that the “Certificate of Birth” created when a live birth is registered with the State is a record of a financial bond created valued by the future taxation value of the person in society.

It’s also acknowledged that they are traded on international money markets as way to raise funds for governments to fund their activities.

The key point is that governments produce nothing and have no assets. The only thing they can pledge to back up a loan is the future tax revenues that they will collect from citizens. Continue reading You Are Just Human Collateral

Systemized Fraud?

Give it or else! Or else WHAT?

Your own privacy is an issue that you need to to responsible for and sometimes its tough to maintain when the banks, corporations, government agencies all claim that your private information must be provided to them.

The question is: must it be provided?

Most will tell you its mandatory, some will say its their policy in both cases Continue reading Systemized Fraud?