This is a simplified step-by-step how-to webinar course on walking into a bank and informing them of your wish to have private bank account, requiring no ID to open.

Now, understand that you use other words to request this AND they don’t want you to have this – hence the webinar.

“They” will say “it does not exist” or “you can’t have it”, give you a refusal letter  or they will be seen running screaming away from you because they were warned about people like you….people who would require them to obey the law and who wished their (your) privacy to be respected.

Before you view this course your really should watch first course first HERE

After you view the first webinar watch this webinar below and also download the handy dandy step-by-step Outline, Intro and Notice documents for you to go forth and adventure with. Lawful Claim document coming soon…

By understanding what is rightfully by law yours to request, knowing what their rules are that they must obey… you can stand in truth, honour and integrity and require them to fulfil your wish, peacefully, honourably and with the power of the law behind you.

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  1. admin

    I’m not sure why ‘private’ would be not recommended. Equity and law recognize ‘private’ as being of special status, disticnt from ‘public’. Hard to take the concept you suggest seriously without some research link/material to explain why what you suggest is of concern.

  2. Zoe-shalom

    If I’m not mistaken…here on the united States of America, dont use the word “private” when making mention of trust or accounts…they use language like ordinary or personal trust or account…

    Just a couple of cents worth investigation 🙂

  3. Robert

    Hello just starting to wake up .great info

  4. admin

    There is USA info re bank accounts on this website, that other people have researched and i have not confirmed. It was included as part of the FIRST webinar in the links provided/download section. I have now copied the USA links to this page as well. Happy researching and application.

  5. Erik Norden

    This may work in Canada, for which I have no admissible EVIDENCE. However, in the States I cannot find any reference regarding “private bank accounts”. I have been Googling literally for DAYS with only minor results. This is what turned up so far —
    12 CFR 204.2 – Definitions.
    For purposes of this part, the following definitions apply unless otherwise specified:
    (g) Natural person means an individual or a sole proprietorship. The term does not mean a corporation owned by an individual, a partnership or other association.

    We already know that we do NOT want an “individual” demand deposit account. But there is NOTHING about any “private account” in my searches, and a “natural person” is defined as an “individual”. I will publish a more in-depth look at these terms in the near future. But for now, any help with locating supporting statutes for a “private account” would be appreciated. There apparently is no support in 12 CFR, which is the U.S. Banking Act. Thanks.

  6. Ian Rossiter

    Excellent information; I now need to check with the legislation here in the UK even though Canadian Law is based on UK law.

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