Withdraw Your Consent

I saw this clip from a legal tv show and thought “wow, hit the nail on the head, great summary”.

It’s worth listening to and makes that point that government abuse of its citizens will continue and continue to get worse and worse….until the citizens say “no more”.

What say you?

This is important stuff….

HAD ENOUGH? by Puppetgov

Guantanamo, Lessons in Law

US Supreme Court Rulings Guantanamo
US Supreme Court Rulings Guantanamo

Guantanamo Bay detainees story holds a few lessons in law for the average man on the street, anywhere. This is not about terrorism, 9/11, or who these men are. It’s about the legal process and lessons we can learn about how the law works, how the politicians can try to create invalid laws to serve a political purpose, and exist as if it were law until challenged and overturned. You need to understand  what this idea means to you.

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