Local Hero, Rory

Hey! Look! Someone taking action and practicing what he preaches!


Guess what his YouTube user name is?  IPracticeWhatIPreach

Watch his videos and you will see in fact he is a man of his word. He’s been through some shit, stood toe to toe with “the man”, faced down RCMP harassment and successfully had charges against him stayed. Congrats!

Watch his videos to see his first hand accounts. Not all people on YouTube are showing the live events as they occur, then the step by step legal consequences to Continue reading Local Hero, Rory

Private Travelling in Your Automobile

Many people have made the right to travel a focal point of their private life ideal.

What is the “right to travel”?

Basically, the common law recognizes that citizens can travel the “kings roads” without the requirement for a drivers license or registered vehicle.

Because almost no one understands that “driver”, “license”, “registered”, “vehicle” are civil law legally defined words related to the “commercial” “traffic” on the roads for “profit” everyone does as everyone is told and gets the drivers license and registers their private automobile, without knowing it, make a legal declaration that they are using the roads for commercial, profit making business and therefor subject to all the commercial, traffic codes, rules and regulation (and their penalties).

Oh yes all the “Motor Vehicle Acts”, rules, regs and fines apply to Continue reading Private Travelling in Your Automobile