Ken comes from a background in architecture, and took his reasoning skills and applied them towards researching financial copyrights, trademarks, patents, and license agreements. What he discovered will blow your mind! Benefit from over a decade of his research. A must for anyone who feels that there is something not quite right with the financial world, and they want to pull back the curtain and see the wizard!


Ken DostFebruary 7 at 9:54am

lets talk copyright and stolen rights by deceptive manner and means ….shall we ….take it is small bites…….it is by getting behind and understanding copyright that we as a GLOBAL society can have an incredible impact on the world as it is now… which nobody can stop us……

we will go over the copyright aspects to the BC later..fpr now lets talk about that Fannie and Freddie document that hundreds of millions were fooled into believing was a damn mortgage loan….LETS BLOW THIS DAMN ILLUSION ONCE AND FOR ALL !!!!!!

Initial ownership – the author of the work, who and what is that….well if you go to the US Copyrights and look up the docs you were lured into signing you will see these are copyrighted works for hire.

Work for Hire – who is the employer….tricky folks these pricks are…they spent a lot of time engineering their trespass and estate theft (cestui que) and guess what folks the Vatican is reached through first by copyright !!!!

Own it Mortgage and all these other pretentious and fraudulent liars in collusion with Fannie and Freddie and wall street via the conduit of MERS fooled us….. that Fannie and Freddie doc was prepared for you and I, we are the author of the copyright work … you see any other signatures other than yours ?…….NO !!!!!!!!

The second part to this is that which was intentionally concealed the MERS/NB credit/security agreement which you agreed to nomination of MERS in the DOT which by extension goes into this agreement to which you agreed to by proxy…..

what did you agree to ? you agreed to granting exclusive license to collective works, that is to say you agreed to grant your personalty to these bastards so they could gang rape you over again and again – to trespass upon you so as to accrue mass wealth hidden in LLC’s while on the public side you are nothing but a deadbeat debtor…..

are you beginning to see what is going on here …….you see you and I have the power to turn this around …….common law copyright is a first step but it is not enough folks ….what we need to do is for each and every one of us to flood the US Copyright Office with revocation and cancellation of licenses as granted through and by the MERS/NB concealed agreement….we don’t want to scream fraud though, rather a healthy thank you, you fucking bastards, your scheme to trespass and theft has failed. You did an awesome job at making me a very very wealthy man/woman…..except you do not get it as I am taking it back ……..How?

Well you see they never took title to anything, MERS merely put a cloud on title, creating a system of electronic titling…..(see my powerpoints on the cotton exchanges), the documentary title never went anywhere, the legal documentary title is still yours.

When you cancel all licenses, (broker, trading, Nmlss ) what you are doing is removing that cloud on title and by the operation of law reverts back to the initial author and owner – which is who ????

YOU … all those collective works that you gave license to all comes back to who? …………YOU

sorry Reham – Maher ….I see where you are going and I agree with you ……BUT …you are going part way these folks , myself have been fucked in such a manner ….WE DESERVE TO OUR JUST DESSERTS …….this is as blatant a theft as there is folks…but it ain’t 193 page Ecclestaitcal biblical rambling that gets it all back …it is a matter of simply executing copyright that does……

We do have to be careful as not to go to deep …remember the KISS principle…we don’t want to engage these pricks on codes or statutes we want to keep it organic and natural – as in the natural living person ….

so now that we have successfully taken care of legal title through copyright, we need to address the equitable side …simple UCC1 filings takes care of that ..wrap up the UCC1 and your copyright registration certificate in a nice little package and go to Treasury Direct. This is where I am now……..Add that eh MERS/NB as proof you were never a debtor…it is your problem….you pals at the FED created this deception with MERS you fix it ……they cannot ignore nor deny you as you are the living man woman – the executor


Ken DostJanuary 5

The following hit me while in shower:
It is legally and lawfully sound and really it is truly exclusive when you think about it. It is also sound to the practices being used against us which you can’t truly understand if you are one chasing spokes or State National/Constitution issues (both are wrong or a hub from centuries ago is merely now but a single spoke of many many bigger than others, yes, but a spoke nonetheless)

Item of note: I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. I have not done the entire process as it just hit me, but based on my knowledge of these work, it is perfect in every sense.

Step 1:
Get a copy of certified birth record I found I can get a copy from the City of Cleveland, not the county or the state. This makes sense for a couple reasons 1) municipals as in bonds. We were bonded were we not 2) the city of Cleveland is a port city

So if born in Akron and they do not have access copies then try Cleveland than again with inland waterways and raising of the water level I forget what it is called it may very well be in any city you get the point.

That certified birth record is your beginning pages of your book a book of life right to which are the author that is first part of a two parts that complete the copyright, you need the second part, which is the certificate of birth.

So you take the certified record of birth and certificate of birth, fill out form TX for authored works of ownership, record it with US Copyright Office which issues you back of certificate ownership you have merged LEGAL and in turn EQUITABLE titles right

Lower case = legal all caps=equitable merge them together and walla

Step 2.
Record a UCC-1 to both Secretary of State in the state born and of domicile. Now you have the ALONG WITH COPYRIGHT CERTIFICATE

Organize yourselves under a Delaware trust or corporation in your all caps or initialed name or any other name you wish.

why Delaware?…because under Delaware law you are truly the king shit of all I suppose you could do any other state as well would say now Minnesota can be used you can set yourself under a pooled MINN corporation if you’d like

get a US registered Trademark under whatever name you’d like KWD  KENNETH WILLIAM DOST  MERS  MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC

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