'private person' status
Know. Claim. Defend.

It is up to you to claim your private status and act accordingly to defend your property.
Your private rights are being ignored.
Your private property is under attack.
You need to learn, apply and put 'THEM' on notice -------------------------------------->

Property Claim

Is THEIR claim legitimate or fraudulent?

Ownership (equals jurisdiction to make and enforce laws) derives from: contract, informed consent, agreement, and valuable consideration related to ANY property. At law, everything is property, even your rights. So how do "THEY" claim "ownership" (or get you to consent to their jurisdiction): (juris-diction = law to speak/pronounce ie. right to make laws)

Legal Word Magic

Change the word definition in law to control

'person', 'man', 'human being', 'natural person' and 'private person' have ALL been used in various Acts, in different contexts, for different reasons. Be careful using 'legal words of art' when dealing with 'magi-strates'.

When in their world (context) they apply different meanings to many words that you are not aware of, often with the goal of decieving you out of your property.

Common Law and Equity Law

How to maintain your rights?

The 'Common Law' and it's partner Equity Law exists in a relatively few areas around the world but we are surrounded and invaded by Roman Civil Law (and now impending Sharia Law). We are on the brink of losing access to Common Law. Stand strong, hold firm, at Common Law to claim and protect your property.

Through undisclosed legal tricks, traps, lies and deceit "THEY" pretend/presume/intimidate that they have your consent. Through color of law they pretend/presume they have authority and you have applied for BENEFITS or LICENCES.

People who wish for their freedom NEED to first reclaim their personal authority and understanding of property ownership and personal responsibility.

Second, make lawful claims to your private status and private property (and be prepared to defend those claims)

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