:   know, claim, defend your property

hold wrongdoers to account

All material  herein is presented as a private opinion intended for self responsible people wanting to learn more about how the world "operates" so they can reclaim their own power in a system designed to contain control and dominate all aspects of your life.

We are not licensed lawyers or licensed accountants, just private people seeking the truth of the situation and sharing our findings and understandings with others in the hope that if enough people wake up to the truth, power will return to where it belongs and force will fade away...not with a bang but a whimper. You are the power and you can claim it in peace.

'person', 'man', 'human being', 'natural person' and 'private person' have ALL been used in various Acts, in different contexts, for different reasons.

Be careful using 'legal words of art' when dealing with 'magi-strates'

The 'common law' exists in a relatively few areas around the world but we are surrounded and invaded by Roman Civil Law.

We are on the brink of losing access to common law.

Stand strong, hold firm, at common law to claim and protect your property.

Consider if ANY public servants are lawfully holding office.

Present day 'de facto' "Governments" only "presume" their claim to authority and are nothing but corporations taxing and stealing from the people.

"Consent of the governed", delegates YOUR authority to Government...

BUT are the delegated offices REALLY, lawfully, occupied?

Through legal tricks, traps, lies and deceit "they" pretend/presume they have your consent.

Through colour of law they pretend/presume they have authority.

People NEED to reclaim their personal authority and property ownership, inhabit the lawful, public offices or remain slaves to corporatized, "legal fiction" world which is pretending to have the authority to make and enforce "offences".

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The Hidden Power of 'private person', 'natural person'

Command Your Life or Be Commanded

TIPS: Performing a Function of Government

Ownership (equals jurisdiction to make and enforce laws) derives from: contract, informed consent, agreement, and valuable consideration related to ANY property.

At law, everything is property, even your rights.

So how do "they" claim "ownership" (or get you to consent to their jurisdiction):

( juris-diction = law to speak/pronounce ie. right to make laws )

26 sec video clearly describes the key property issue... wait for it to load