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RevCan/CRA Operates In Corrupt Concert With PPSC/DoJ: Disclosure

criminals-gone wildFor those of you in battles with Canada Revenue Agency (previously Department of National Revenue, Revenue Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) here is an fellow blowing the whistle on the corrupt practices of CRA and the complicit participation of the Public Prosecution Services Canada (PPSC) and Department of Justice (DoJ).


Anyone unfortunate enough to have fought these entities and their minions knows firsthand they fight dirty and with intent to destroy while NOT following the law they claim to be upholding.

Clint A. Kimery has provided a “Whistleblower’s Document” provided to try and expose some of the underhanded, dirty, illegal, immoral tactics being used. If you don’t understand this stuff make sure your advocate/lawyer/agent does or you will be subject to unrestrained abuse.

The subject Gunner Case introduces a new defence perspective to tax evasion cases that exposes the Agency’s affinity to procedural corruption knowingly condoned by the Crown. This form of procedural corruption Continue reading RevCan/CRA Operates In Corrupt Concert With PPSC/DoJ: Disclosure

Marc Boyer: No Person, TPP, Slavery

Interesting case with a history in the courts.

Marc Boyer ( Canada knowingly signed TPP after date slavery law expired

Published on Mar 18, 2016

Marc Boyer ( Canada knowingly signed the TPP on date when slavery law had expired. TPP and NAFTA designed to usher in a Millennium of Misery and restore slavery. One solution to initiate a paradise on Earth is through the Warehouse Receipts Act

PART II – Marc Boyer: No Person & the “Shaking” a frequency holographic shift

Published on Mar 26, 2016

PART II – Marc Boyer: No Person & the “Shaking” a frequency holographic shift
Marc Boyer: Appeal on not having a Person & discusses the “Shaking”, a frequency holographic shift





US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

gavel+moneyOne of the legal fantasies promoted by governments and officials is the idea of ‘sovereign immunity’… where they are not liable for their corrupt and illegal actions.

Unfortunately this lie of ‘sovereign immunity’ is also repeated unknowingly by people who have a real case against government officials and therefore do not pursue very valid claims.

A recent US Supreme Court decision clarified and confirmed that the government and their agents can be held liable and accountable for wrongdoing carried out by officials in its employment while on the job. Continue reading US Supreme Court Rules Government Officers Liable

Karl Lentz and Common Law Claims

common_lawThe main focus of this website has been to investigate and share info on ‘common law’ and ‘private person’ status in common law. I was recently introduced to another fellow sharing his research and actual in court application stories about common law.

Many folks teach theories they have never applied, that’s my first test to see how credible the theory is. Karl Lentz speaks of his many applications and court experience with common law.

My personal journey REALLY hit high gear when I took someone else’s research and applied it BEFORE I fully understood the legal basis or the potential consequences. I suggest people study, understand and get the full story BEFORE they commit to actions that may lead to extended legal hassles and more.

Some theories are great and they do work….sorta…then “they” change tactic and ignore it next time waiting to see if you know what to do next. No next step? You lose.

I cover the “next step” in the course 3- H4J: Your Complaint IS Their Restraint – learn how to make your claim properly to hold them to account and get remedy but it was missing a final piece…

When I came across a video of Karl Lentz in the UK speaking about his research, understanding and application of the common law and making common law claims I liked what I heard and it fit very well with what I had been researching, sharing here and seeing in my court processes first hand.

I’ll be presenting my understanding of what Karl’s process Continue reading Karl Lentz and Common Law Claims

It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

know-your-rights-organizatiThese two news stories caught my eye for different reasons. We have had a spate of violent police actions and no-accountability for that violence by police in Canada.

Local police and RCMP regularly get off for their violent crimes, yes violent crimes. Anyone can see the videos of these events and KNOW they are violent crimes under the guise of police authority, police safely. It’s obvious to ANY non-biased observer the officers have over reacted and in most cases police escalate the situation instead of trying to de-escalate a relatively non-threatening one.

I fear for my personal safety now if I ever have contact with police. In Canada you say? Yep. Crazy.

The second story is a police feel good story that puts the public’s expectation of police brutality into context in a really bizarre way.

From tasering people to death (multiple cases), filling people full of lead (recently in Vancouver and Toronto-including a final bullet to the back of the head execution style), using excessive force to detain someone who is peaceful or demonstrators being attacked – this list goes on and on and it’s disgusting.

These violent acts continue because the hierarchy of the police force and the political will Continue reading It’s a Start At Least: Police Accountability

Webinar: The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

New overview introductory webinar to cover the key concepts and principles of what is a private person and why private person is a status in law you just might want to claim for yourself, …. Feedback from webinar attendees- Wonderful and clear – Tim H.

Very well presented. You made it very easy to understand. Thank you very much. Excellent. – Patricia A.

Webinar at bottom of page….

Follow up webinar:


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This Continue reading Webinar: The Hidden Power of ‘private person’ and ‘natural person’

Is the Crown at war with us?


If you think the federal government and their multitude of minions will role over and bow down to your claim of human rights, private rights and property rights without a serious fight you are naive… like I was. They have a lot to protect and a lot they are guilty of.

Based on Ghandi’s statement above we are at stage three and the next stage is “you win”. Peaceful persistence is key, keep going.

I, not so long ago, believed there was a “rule of law” (seems that lawyers and judges can’t even agree on what that means, big surprise) and that people were going to be respectful of the law and the rights of others.

Not having been a student of the history of nations, religions, law or politics (prior to beginning this journey) I was wholly unprepared for the level of resistance that ensued when I tried to claim and exercise my clearly defined rights to private property, privacy and more.

I have over the years studied the Indians’ legal battle for recognition of sovereignty and native land claims, fishing and hunting rights and I was appalled at what I discovered. I recognized a newly familiar game of legal Continue reading Is the Crown at war with us?